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Fishing Ensures Relaxation

Fishing is sometimes considered a little boring by people who are not attracted by this activity. But it relaxes and fascinates millions of people around the world. There is a reason for that because it is not just a sport. Fishing offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature and let your mind disconnect from all […]
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Fishing Charter

How to Choose a Fishing Charter

Fishing is different to different people. Some like the peace and tranquility of a lake, or the simplicity of a DIY rod. Other go hardcore on the sport and follow the latest tricks technology has to offer. And some take fishing as an engaging and exhilarating form of leisure. There is no right way to […]
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How to Choose a Fly Fishing Reel

For a person who has taken a new interest in fly fishing might be overwhelmed by the options that are available when it comes to purchasing gear. The fly fishing reel is particular can be a daunting task to choose. Several variables need to be considered like the price, the material, size and resistance to […]
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The Best Places to Catch Really Big Fish

It is an old fisherman’s tale of the one that got away, but it is every fisherman’s dream of landing the big fish. So where are the best places in the world to catch really big fish? We have scoured the seven seas and every major lake and river to try and bring you a […]
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The Differences Fishing for Crawfish and Shrimp

Before you understand how to fish for crawfish and shrimp, you need to understand the difference between the two decapods. Crawfish can only be found in freshwater whereas shrimp can be found in both salt and freshwater, but mainly is saltwater. Shrimps are generally larger than crawfish, but this is not always the case, the […]
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How to Fish for Lobsters

There are so many different ways and forms of fishing that are tailor made to suit what type of fish you want to catch. Everything from freshwater fishing to scuba diving for oysters, and if you have never tried catching lobsters before it is quite a unique skill. If you are interested in taking your […]
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The Essentials to Take on a Sea Fishing Trip

Going sea fishing is an incredible adventure and if you are to try it for the very first time you may be wise to bear in mind that there are certain things that will make your day a whole lot more fun. As for safety equipment you can pretty much leave that up to the […]
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Five of the Best Places in the World to Fish

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and many people love to go down to their local lake, river, or pond and enjoy their leisure time. But sea fishing is in a different league, the people that enjoy this sport are after the big game and often in the most spectacular […]
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How to Fish for Tuna

Tuna is a great catch both as a game and for commercial purposes. In game fishing, it feels great to come across tuna during an adventure. Their slippery and hard-to-catch nature tests your ability to fish. Tuna often tries to break fishing lines, or they swim in the circle to frustrate the effort to catch […]
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Best Boats for New Fisher

What is the best fishing boat for a beginner? This is a very tricky question as there are various types of boats you can use to start if you are new to fishing. There are more you should know about fishing boats and in this informative guide. We will be reviewing two great fishing boats […]
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