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Best Boats for New Fisher

What is the best fishing boat for a beginner? This is a very tricky question as there are various types of boats you can use to start if you are new to fishing. There are more you should know about fishing boats and in this informative guide. We will be reviewing two great fishing boats for a beginner in the sports.

Powercat 695 Catamaran

For a beginner, you will need a fishing boat that is easy to handle, stable and gives you more space for you to move around and do your thing. The PowerCat 695 has all these specifications. This boat is well equipped to serve you while you go on a fishing trip. The boat is more efficient, easy to maneuver and comes with two independent engines that can run on their own. The boat is safe and will not throw you any surprises while you are enjoying fishing. The twin-hull design makes it more proficient for off-shore fishing activities.

The PowerCat 695 is a larger version of the 525 and this model comes in three amazing versions: the bold 695 that is designed as an open boat to provide the fisherman with more deck space, the wheelhouse boat which is fitted with an optional berth and a central helm and the cuddy boat with the covered helm.

This boat can run on either of the engines and can take on any weather. It is safer for beginners with little or no knowledge to know how to handle troubled waters. The boat can board about 12 people and the different versions come with their own engine specifications. The makers of this boat have a very good track record when it comes to the design of the fishing boat. Their previous versions of the Offshore C 310 and the 385 have shown how good their boats can be in the sea. If you need a boat that gives you more control and fewer troubles as a starter, you can check this one out.

Boston Whaler 370 Outrage

The Boston Whaler prides itself as one of the best Boat makers of our time. The company designed another award-winning version modified to beat the current trends in fishing boat designs. The Boston Whaler Outrage comes with everything you could ever want on a fishing boat: spacious cockpit, a storage facility, a fridge, a grill for on-the-go- fish cooking. The boat’s central helm comes with an automatic adjustable captain’s seat with storage areas for the rods.

The boat’s console cabin is fitted with a large galley area, a microwave, a shower, TV, fridge and a coffeemaker. This boat is all you would need for a nice time off the shore. The engine is strong enough to handle any type of weather and its reliable too. If you are looking for a boat that offers comfort and strength, the Boston Whaler Outrage is just what you need for a good adventure.

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