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Best Fishing Charter Spots in The US

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as being on the open water in a boat and for some people this is best combined with a day out fishing. With the rise in popularity of fishing it is no surprise that there is a great choice when it comes to looking for good charter options to satisfy every level of interest. There are of course so many great locations all around the united states where you can fish and enjoy a day out on the water, but this article is going to go over a few of the very best spots and locations in the United States.

Die hard fishermen may be oblivious to constraints or factors such as weather and other available or nearby facilities but lets focus on locations that can deliver something for the avid fisherman or woman and perhaps the family too!

Die hard fishermen

The East

Combining fishing with awesome scenery and temperate weather seems like a perfect combination. Head down to Florida and you can choose from either Fort Lauderdale or The Keys to start an amazing fishing experience. With year round sunshine and temperate waters you can fish off the back of perhaps a catamaran and enjoy the sunshine and the action. The close proximity to the Gulf Stream off Fort Lauderdale ensures that the selection of game will not disappoint with such fish as marlin, tuna and barracuda to be found. In addition the 23 miles of wonderful golden beaches will be an added attraction for the family.

The East The Keys are equally fabulous for family vacations offering a unique environment for adventure and relaxation. Equally good is the abundance of some of the most desirable fish for any angler, namely redfish, tarpon and snook. The warm water of these parts coupled with the presence of coral reefs ensures the water is abundant in sport fish. If your vacation needs include some more modern amenities you may prefer a trip to Miami whilst in Florida. The City provides a lively night life and is home to some great fine dining restaurants, many owned by well known celebrities, as well as great cafes so you can tap into the Wi Fi and combine work and recreation.

The West

Skip to the West Coast and the modern delights of San Diego will not disappoint either the avid angler or any family in tow. Year round balmy weather is a huge plus not to mention the waters of the Pacific that are full of fish. Some of charter fishings most advanced boats can be found gracing the marinas of the San Diego area ensuring that any excursion will not disappoint. San Diego is great as well because the city offers many other options should someone in the family not want to go fishing for the day, they can head to one of the amusement parks, there are many to choose from. Or go see historic Balboa Park, my favorite spot in the whole city. They can go shopping downtown, the Horton Plaza Mall is a great spot for local fashion. Or you can head to one of the few casinos like Sycuan, or other, there are some great ones to choose from. But if your a little rusty you can get a few practice rounds in on before you head there.

The WestTypically the competent crews see that every member of your party will be successful and that those just along for the ride are equally happy enjoying great food and beautiful scenery. Yellow fish, marlin, or perhaps mahi -mahi will be caught depending on the season but the experience will be a memorable one for sure! The luxurious boats with all mod cons will satisfy even the least adventurous among your party and they will not feel far from the civilized world. Equally beautiful but back on the East Coast, Outer Banks, North Carolina is a stretch of islands that runs along the coast providing beaches and wonderful views of the Atlantic.

Once again close proximity to the Gulf Stream encourages the proliferation of such fish as marlin, both blue and white, as well as sail fish. Drop south to Charleston, South Carolina, one of the oldest cities in the region and you will discover another fishing haven where the waters consistently provide fishing opportunities throughout the year. In the river areas around here there are trout, flounder and bluefish whilst the near shore waters and harbor areas are more likely to yield bass, mackerel and perhaps shark.

It may be that although the temperate climate of the afore mentioned locations seems ideal for all the family to enjoy, some people’s idea of perfect weather is a little more extreme. If you’re looking for something spectacular and a little different by way of location then Seward, Alaska could be your destination. One of Alaska’s oldest and certainly most beautiful locations this village offers quaint shops and the obviously spectacular closeness of nature.

The awe inspiring scenery comprising the bay and magnificent mountains forms a perfect back drop for your fishing trip. Tourists flock to this region to visit its national park of fjords and mountains and during August the Silver Salmon Derby, the largest in the region, draws many visitors. At this time check out the available boat charters to get on the water and maybe catch yourself a halibut or salmon weighing several hundred pounds! This environment is not for the faint hearted but the rewards are literally huge and once you have feasted your eyes on the magnificent vistas of Alaska you will be smitten with this awesome state. The diversity of fishing locations in the US ensures satisfaction for all!

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