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Best Fishing Spots Around the World

All around the planet, from the Bahamas to the Caribbean islands, there are various places to go fishing. Below is a rundown of some of the best fishing spots in the world.

The Bahamas – Best Fishing Spot for Large Game

With the surrounding waters of the various islands housing some huge species, such as tuna, sailfish, and common dolphin to name a few, the Bahamas is one of the best fishing spots around the world. The numerous fishing tournaments that take place in the Abacos islands bring together some of the finest fishermen trying to capture giant fishes with consistently bigger records set each year. When vacationing in the Bahamas, you could include fishing of big games as part of your sailing activities.

Brainerd, USA – Best Spot for Ice Fishing

The yearly Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza is the biggest of its kind on the planet, pulling in over 12,000 hopefuls excited about the ice and the prospect of grabbing US$150,000 in prizes. You get a chance to pull up walleyes, perches, and black bass from any of the 20,000 openings already bored into the frozen Gull Lake by the coordinators.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Best Fishing Spot for Marlins

With the title of “marine capital of the world” and over 10,000 kilometres of shoreline to explore, Cabo is one of the best places to go fishing marlins in Mexico. Its strict “catch and release” rule has helped to maintain a bustling community of marlins in the region. Although the angling season runs throughout the entire year, it peaks in May and December. You could also find sailfish, common dolphin, and tuna to name a few.

Sicily – Best Fishing Spot in the Mediterranean

Situated in the core of the Mediterranean and having several fishing communities, Sicily is one of the best fishing spots in the world. You could participate in spear-fishing games where you might catch swordfish, tuna, octopus, and much more. There are also deep sea and sports fishing activities to participate in.

Costa Rica – Best Fishing Spot for Assortment

The rich, unmistakably unique coastlines of Costa Rica offer a portion of the best fishing spots around the world. You can catch large sergeant fish and air-breathing species like the tarpons on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. While the Pacific side of the country offers plenty opportunity to catch mahi-mahi, yellow-fin tuna, marlin, skipjack tuna, roosterfish, bigeye tuna, wahoo, snapper, etc.

Saint Lucia – Best Fishing Spot in the Caribbean

Home to some of the deepest waters in the Caribbean, the volcanic island of St Lucia is the best fishing spot to find awesome big games. The island hosts various competitions including the St Lucia Bill Fish Tournaments and the Antigua and Barbuda Sports Fishing Tournaments. Regardless of whether you are a specialist or novice, you can appreciate fishing in the area.

Scotland – Best Spot for Fly-Fishing Trouts, Salmons, and Graylings

Scotland’s large salmon communities in the Spey, Tweed, Tay, and Dee rivers attracts some the best anglers from around the world seeking the best salmon angling experience. The waters present great opportunities for trout, pikes, and grayling fishing. You could also find rainbow trouts in the Lochs or the wild brown trouts in the Highlands.

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