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Is Fishing Bad for The Environment?

Fishing is an enjoyable sport enjoyed by millions all around the world. Many young and old like to fish recreationally as a way to connect with nature and to relax in this hectic world. And while fishing may seem like a harmless thing, a sport that has little impact on the world, it does have […]
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How to Find a Great Fishing Charter

Fishing is a popular hobby for people all around the world. From the novice fisherman to the most experienced, it is a sport enjoyed by both men and women young and old. Fishing can be somewhat of a task though, you need to have the proper equipment, permits and somewhat of a know how to […]
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The Latest Fishing Equipment

Everyone has their sports and their hobbies, and with each of those comes the joy and excitement of buying new gear and equipment. There are new reels, rods, lures, line and all other kinds of accessories. When there are so many new products that come to market year after year how can you be sure […]
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When and Where to Go Fishing

Did you know that there is an ideal time to go fishing? That’s right there are actually days and times that are better to go fishing than other times of the month or year. The best times to head out and go fishing are of course the times when the fish are most active. This […]
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