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Deep sea fishing in Norway

Scandinavia is a collection of northern European countries rich in historical and geographical culture. Some of these counties includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc. In this article, I will be focusing on deep sea fishing in Norway.

Deep sea fishing in Southern Norway

The Southern part of Norway has been popular among Norwegians for decades. Its mild climate and beautiful nature make it a wonderful holiday destination. The skerries lie protected from the sea, making fishing possible year round. The region also has several good salmon rivers, as well as inland lakes where you can fish for pike and trout.

  • When to fish: All year, but the period from the beginning of March until the end of October is the most popular.
  • Fish species to be found: In the sea you will find a large variety of fish species, some of the most common being cod, pollock, herring, mackerel, tusk, ling and haddock.
  • How to get there: The region is the southernmost in Norway, and this means that driving distances from Europe are short. The ferries from Hirtshals to Kristians and is a convenient means of transportation if you travel with your own car.
  • Fishing resorts in Norway: The resorts along the coast all have boats for hire, and they have shops where you can buy the most commonly used equipment and bait. Stay in fully equipped apartments or cabins near the water. The places listed below have all the facilities needed for a great fishing holiday, such as big freezers and gutting rooms. All are located a short drive from Kristians and harbour (minimum 20 minutes – maximum. 1,5 hours). The number one summer destination for Norwegians is gradually being discovered by foreign tourists. Do it like the locals and try fishing in the area known as the Norwegian Riviera.
  • Low-season fishing: At the very south of Norway, there are good fishing opportunities all year round – only a short ferry crossing from the European mainland.
  • Winter fishing: The abundant off-season fishing opportunities in Southern Norway offer anglers a uniquely quiet atmosphere, pristine lake and sea waters, countless fish species and exciting guided fishing trips.

Salmon fishing in Norway

Fish for salmon in a river in Southern Norway and experience the scenery and excitement that will give you the memories of a lifetime. Norway has around 400 rivers. Each river has its own unique stock which over thousands of years has adapted to the river’s particular conditions. Some of these rivers you will find in Southern Norway. The salmon fishing season is from the beginning of June through to September.

  • Salmon fishing in the Mandalselva river: The Mandalselva river is the second largest river in the Southern Norway region with 48 kilometres of salmon fishing. In addition to salmon, the river offers good fishing for sea trout and eels in the lower reaches, and possibilities for catching trout and arctic char in the upper reaches.
  • Nidelva river: Nidelva in Arendal has always been known as an excellent salmon river. The stretch from the sea inland to Eivindstadfossen waterfall has five zones where rod fishing is permitted for salmon and sea trout.
  • Salmon fishing in Tovdalselva river: The Tovdalselva river was at the end of the 19th century rated the third best salmon river in the country. In the 1880s approximately 18 tons of salmon were caught annually. Today extensive work is carried out to build up a new salmon stock for the benefit of both domestic and foreign anglers. In addition to salmon fishing, there are opportunities for catching trout, perch, powan, brook trout and white fish in the Tovdalselva River.
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