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Five of the Best Places in the World to Fish

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and many people love to go down to their local lake, river, or pond and enjoy their leisure time. But sea fishing is in a different league, the people that enjoy this sport are after the big game and often in the most spectacular locations.

We look at five of the top fishing locations in the world, why they are so popular and what type of fish can be found there.

The Bahamas

Many people are attracted to the Bahamas as it is reputedly the best place in the world to find the biggest fish. The warm waters around the islands are inhabited by some of the biggest fish that swim in the oceans, including sailfish, mahi-mahi, tuna, and marlin.

Fishing records are set and broken every year in the waters of the Bahamas, as the best fishermen in the world search for the ultimate catch. In particular the Abacos Islands are recognized as one of the ultimate places to find big game.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a fisherman’s haven especially if they are hunting for big game. Costa Rica has a rich coastline which offers some of the best fishing in the world. The best thing about Costa Rica is that each coast is very different in terms of what fish you can find.

The Pacific waters are rich with snapper, tuna, roosterfish, marlin, dorado, and wahoo. Whereas on the Caribbean coastline the two prizes are big-tarpon, and big snook.

Cabo San Lucas

If it is marlin that you are after then there is no better place than Mexico, and in particular Cabo San Lucas. But because of its massive popularity the marine officials of Baja California Sur have placed a strict catch-and-release policy in an effort to boost the local Marlin population.

The peak fishing times are between May and December although there is all-year-round fishing here. Nicknamed the Marine Capital of the World, Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place for a fishing expedition.

Saint Lucia

The Caribbean has featured quite heavily in our journey to find the best locations for marine fishing, and the very best place to hunt for big game in the Caribbean has to be Saint Lucia. This is because Saint Lucia has some of the deepest waters in the Caribbean, so it is possible to fish for big game just a few miles off the coast.

Saint Lucia recognizes its fishing popularity and hosts a plethora of fishing events to cater for fishing tourists from all over the world.


Our final destination is in the heart of the Mediterranean and it is Sicily. Because of its geographical location the island is perfect for offering all types of marine fishing, and don’t be surprised to see tuna, and swordfish swimming in these waters.

Sicily is also home to spear-fishing, and if you have never tried this before it is well worth a go but it is notoriously difficult. These great fishing areas not only offer super fishing but spectacular ocean views and scuba opportunities in between fishing trips.

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