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Fishing Charter

How to Choose a Fishing Charter

Fishing is different to different people. Some like the peace and tranquility of a lake, or the simplicity of a DIY rod. Other go hardcore on the sport and follow the latest tricks technology has to offer. And some take fishing as an engaging and exhilarating form of leisure. There is no right way to do it, and if you want to place yourself on the best boat at the best location with the best fish – don’t feel shy about it. It’s not a guilty pleasure, it’s just pleasure. That is what fishing charters are for. Here are a few trips to help you get the best fishing charter in your area.

Make sure you do as much research online as possible

In this day and age this advice goes for pretty much any service or product, but some might need it more than others. Fishing charters are among the must-research category. Don’t just look at the ratings, this isn’t Amazon, read the actual reviews. Reviews online are immensely helpful, but cannot be trusted 100%. Some are bound to be planted, both positive and negative. Look for ones that give a time and date of their trip and details what they liked or didn’t like. That way you’ll weed out the reviews that overhype or bash the charter too much, and look at the general pattern in the comments. If there is a recurring positive or negative aspect – that is probably where the truth lies.

Don’t choose on price alone

You don’t want to pick the cheapest charter to maximise the bang for your buck. Think of it like wine – sure the cheapest wine is technically wine, but the experience of it might be less than the sum of its ingredients. In the same fashion, the bar for charter companies is rather low due to fairly few barriers to entry. You can even get away with operating a charter without proper licencing, and that’s what many exploit. To get a reputable captain, ask for their credentials and licencing number ahead of time. If they are reluctant to provide that, that’s a red flag. Most areas will also have organising bodies that are designed to keep the overall standards of the charters high. These can simply be charter associations whose entry standards are higher than the minimum industry requirement. If your bargain charter is not part of any of those – another red flag.

The captain is more important than the boat

Don’t be seduced by the shine and gloss of brand new vessels, thinking that the newest boat means the best experience. What you are actually looking for when selecting a fishing charter is a captain. A captain with good reviews and a pleasant vibe who also knows his way around the waters is what ensures a memorable trip. And it may just be that this kind of captain operates an older and slower boat that has been his trusted workhorse for years. Don’t be put off by it if you see that the vessel has been well taken care of.

Fishing charter
Fishing charter
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