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How to Choose a Fly Fishing Reel

For a person who has taken a new interest in fly fishing might be overwhelmed by the options that are available when it comes to purchasing gear. The fly fishing reel is particular can be a daunting task to choose. Several variables need to be considered like the price, the material, size and resistance to water. Knowing which one is best suited for you can be challenging, and you should make sure you have a clear understanding of the options that are available for the budget you have in mind.

The Qualities Available

There are several types and qualities that you would encounter when choosing a reel at the store. Most of the basic ones that you will find are those made of plastic or graphite or even a mix of both. Expect to pay about $50 for these. There are usual composite reels that manufacturers provide in with a basic rod. These kits for beginners can cost about $200. These kits have everything that you will need as a beginner to start fishing right away. All that you would need is some bait to reel your fish in, and you are good to go. If you are starting off fishing, then this is probably the most basic option you would want to choose. They are smooth and light, however, don’t expect these to last forever. They don’t have any housing that keeps dirt out, and the inner parts get dirt in them very quickly and can mess up your catch. If this is your first time fishing and you are unsure of what to expect from the experience, then hire a reel or use a friend’s and then choose the one suited for you from then onwards.

Aluminium Die Cast Reels are great too and are about $70. They are very similar in the composite ones and have a drag system that is well protected that the parts don’t get dirt in them quickly. They are smooth, reliable and last for a longer time. For a price difference of $20, this certainly is a better beginner option. The best part is it can withstand any wear and tear, and if the spikes bend, you can bend them back. Aluminium – Machined is probably a little dear on the price side of things are they are pretty looking and very classy to have. They are over double the price of their die-casted aluminium counterpart. They don’t use a drag system and instead use a twist system. They are excellently housed, but they are not water-resistant as you might expect.

Water Resistant Reels

Fishing in the sea is excellent, but you will need to have a reel that is water-resistant. The salt from the sea can really damage your reel, and you must choose the right one for sea fishing. Expect to buy alloy reels for about $200 for sea fishing for all the benefits. They are made in China, but the quality of the housing and the spool is top-notch. Yes, it is a lot of money to spend on a fishing expedition, this is why you need to be sure about your fishing frequency before you invest in one.

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