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How to Find a Great Fishing Charter

Fishing is a popular hobby for people all around the world. From the novice fisherman to the most experienced, it is a sport enjoyed by both men and women young and old. Fishing can be somewhat of a task though, you need to have the proper equipment, permits and somewhat of a know how to navigate the waters. If you want to explore the idea of fishing but are not sure where to start, or you are an avid fisherman but don’t want the hassle of dealing with finding a boat and all the equipment then getting a charter is the way to go. However, this then begs the question, which charter do you choose and how do you select the perfect fishing charter?

Remember that cheapest is not the best! There are a lot of cheap options out there, but if they are cheap they may have poor equipment of not be the most experienced. You want a team that is licensed, trained and bonded. Always ask for them to provide license numbers so that you can verify that they are a legitimately businesses.

Check out fishing chat rooms and blogs to see what others are saying, of course you can’t believe everything that you read online but there are a lot of good details and information that you can use to make your decision. Ask about their tackle and techniques, some troll, some cast light tackle, some do both, unless you have no idea what’s going on choose charter that uses your favourite method.

Another aspect to keep in mind is whether they encourage catch and keep or catch and release. This is a very important step to keep on mind. Some keep all and sell some off. Some let you keep your catch, some only catch and release. You need to consider what you want out of the charter and what your preferred method of fishing is. A cautionary sign is if a boat is available on a price day at a prime time on short notice, there is usually a reason why they are not being used, don’t wait until you are on board and in the middle of the ocean to find out what that reason is. Another great tip is to look for a female captain or leader, they often have to prove themselves and work a lot harder, as wrong as that it, to make it in this industry. So, if they are still there and working with a crew they most likely are extremely good at their job.

Remember there are half day charters, if this is your first-time fishing, don’t commit to a full day if you are unsure whether you will like it or not. Get a taste for the open sea and the true fisherman’s experience and then build from there.

Fishing is a relaxing and enjoyable sport, and if done with the right equipment and the right help with be smooth and worthwhile.

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