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How to Fish for Tuna

Tuna is a great catch both as a game and for commercial purposes. In game fishing, it feels great to come across tuna during an adventure. Their slippery and hard-to-catch nature tests your ability to fish. Tuna often tries to break fishing lines, or they swim in the circle to frustrate the effort to catch them. To enjoy the game, here are some techniques.

Trolling and Chumming

Trolling method is popular in catching tuna. Fishing lines with baits are set at the back while the boat moves and drags it along. Chumming can also be used in this type of fishing. It is a method whereby a chum bag filled with ground fish parts is tied to the stern of the boat. As the boat moves, the content of the bag spreads in the water attracting big fishes, especially tuna.

Timing and Clues

Your timing matters, so you should plan your fishing trip early in the morning or do it in the late afternoon. Tuna are often active when the light is low. With a bit of patience and good skills, you can catch some tuna despite their elusive nature. In some cases, a good observation will direct you where to find tuna in abundance. Look for places where seabirds dive often and place your baits there. Dolphins are another sign to follow to know the location of tuna, as dolphins, sharks and tuna are known to move together.

Follow Seasons

Tuna is found in certain seasons more than in other seasons of the year. During summer or on warmer days, tuna is found close to water surface, which makes them easier to catch them. In winter, they go deep down in the water to hunt for food, making it a little difficult to catch them in such off-seasons.

Right Baits

The knowledge of the kind of baits that are effective in catching tuna is very important. Knowing the temperature and depth which tuna prefer is also a necessity. Baits which are effective for catching tuna include squids, mackerel, skipjack, and bluefish. Also, you can catch tuna with lures which have head and create some bubble behind it. The stirring of the water that goes with it attracts tuna easily. The use of strip baits, skirted lures, and large spoons are useful especially when you go trolling.

Learn About Tuna

If you are going to fish for tuna for the first time, you may need to learn how tuna behaves. Find out ways to catch them as well as how to manage them when they are caught. Do not forget that tuna is very difficult to control and can try to avoid being caught by fishing lines. They are strong enough to break any fishing line if you eventually catch them. Since it is your first time, you may need to go on your fishing trip with someone who is more experienced in the game. Of course, catching a big size tuna will pose a serious battle especially in getting it into your boat.

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