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How to Serve Your Freshly Caught Fish

There are many ways to cook fish and most anglers have devised unique methods of preparing the fish they catch. These methods of cooking fish used by many anglers all over the world give us ample information on the various ways to cook fish. We have some of these helpful methods on how to serve your freshly caught fish.

Fried Fish

Frying your fish is one of the best ways to serve freshly caught fish. When a fish is fried in butter, the aroma is always so great that you are tempted to grab it. The skill demonstrated by anglers when they serve their fish is so awesome. For amateurs, make sure the butter is hot enough before you coat the fish. Add seasoning like pepper and salt to your taste and try herbs and spices to have a delicious meal at the end.

Grilled Fish

Grilling fish may look so simply, but if you are an amateur, you must be careful not think it is the same thing as grilling meat. It is easier to grill meat than grilling fish because fish can pose some difficulties while grilling. You may find it difficult to manage the juice coming out of the grilled fish. If not properly handled, some of the juice will pour into the fire. Since the juice itself is delicious, losing it means losing the nutrients and quality of the fish.

If you want to avoid losing this nutritious moisture, you must rub the entire body of the fish with oil. Rubbing with oil will keep the juice from spilling out. Another way to do it, is to wrap the fish in an aluminum foil, which will prevent the loss of substance from the fish. This method of wrapping also makes the fish to be cooked in its own juice, making it soaked in that delicious and nutritious substance. Add spices and herbs before wrapping the fish if you want to improve the taste of your grilled fish.

Your attention should be focused on the fish so that you will know when to turn it over to avoid it getting burnt on one side. Make a cut in the fish to check when it is cooked and place it back if not yet done. Keep watching to remove it when you are sure it is time.

Baked Fish

Baking is a good option for those who cannot afford to wait and watch their fish being cooked on the fire. Make a paste of spices and other ingredients you want to use and dip the fish in the paste. Place the coated fish in the oven for a short time. Keep checking on the fish to know when it is ready. Having a good knowledge of what to use and how to cook will help you cook any kind of freshly caught fish. If you can avoid overcooking your fish, you will not ruin your meal.

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