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Is Fishing Bad for The Environment?

Fishing is an enjoyable sport enjoyed by millions all around the world. Many young and old like to fish recreationally as a way to connect with nature and to relax in this hectic world. And while fishing may seem like a harmless thing, a sport that has little impact on the world, it does have great effects on the environment, maybe not the few fish you catch a year, but the fishing industry as a whole has a huge impact on our ever changing and oh so important environment.

Marine conservation is a large issue at the moment and is affecting the world as a whole. Due to changes in the environment brought on by global warming the seas and oceans are ever changing. This is greatly affecting marine life in general. There is a huge divide between the demand for fish and the amount of fish available. This is primarily due to the growth in the world’s population over the last few years. This has led to over fishing of many areas, leaving the seas virtually empty and other problems related to the ocean and its complex system as well.

A study was conducted by the journal Science, after a four year investigation they concluded that the world would run out of wild-caught seafood by 2048. This would be due to overfishing, pollution and other environmental factors that were taking a toll on the natural eco system that breeds and enhances the production of fish. Many fisherman and those in the industry discredit this saying that things will be fine, but the numbers clearly show that there are less and less fish in the seas each year.

Not only is fishing killing off the few fish that remain in the oceans, but it is also hugely bad for the environment from a pollution point of view. Commercial fishing has vast impacts on the sea and its fragile eco system. Large commercial size vessels are traveling thousands of miles emitting horrible pollution into the air and sea, destroying the ozone layer as they go. A large majority of commercial fishing is done by bottom trawlers, these types of vessels scrap the bottom of the ocean to trap flounder, cod, grouper, shrimp, scallops and other sea creatures that live deeper down. These vessels are thought to do as much, if not more damage below sea level than clearing a forest does above ground. This is because the area that is affected by bottom trawlers is about 150 times greater than the areas affected by deforestation. Entire parts of the ocean are being destroyed so that people all around the world can enjoy a nice piece of fish with their dinner. While fishing when done as a recreational hobby or by small businesses in areas of need, you can clearly see that large fishing vessels and the overall fishing industry is taking a huge toll on the environment. The amount of fish caught each year needs to drastically be reduced in order for the sea to continue as we know it.

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