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The Best Places to Catch Really Big Fish

It is an old fisherman’s tale of the one that got away, but it is every fisherman’s dream of landing the big fish. So where are the best places in the world to catch really big fish? We have scoured the seven seas and every major lake and river to try and bring you a definitive list where exactly you should head to.


Without doubt some of the biggest Rainbow Trout are to be found in southern Patagonia, and in particular the spectacular Lago Strobel. This majestic lake is also sometimes called Jurassic Lake and is famed for being the home of some of the biggest trout in the world.

Colombian Jungle

Peacock Bass
Peacock Bass

The Peacock Bass is a highly prized fish, and many fishermen travel as far as the Amazon basin to try and catch this elusive prize. But for the people in the know the best place to fish for Peacock Bass is where the actual Amazon starts deep in the Colombian jungle. This extraordinary location is not for the faint-hearted, first you have to struggle to the headwaters and camp in tents on a sandbar. Then you have to avoid the insect life whilst trying to dodge the stingrays and the piranhas whilst casting your line out. But is all worthwhile if you can land a really big Peacock Bass.


The best place in the world to catch King Salmon is Alaska, and in particular the NakNek river. Alaska is where these elegant fish make their way to spawn, and there are absolutely thousands of them in the fast-flowing waters. If you want to take part in the King Salmon season, then the best time to go is around June and July where you can basically throw your line anywhere to snare these beautiful creatures.

Northern Saskatchewan

Lake Trout
Lake Trout

Lake Trout are some of the biggest trout that you can find, and in the cool waters of Lake Athabasca in Northern Saskatchewan you will find the biggest of them all. To reach the fishing grounds you will have to fly in, and the surrounding scenery is picture-perfect. Spruce trees surround the placid lake and it is more reminiscent of an Alpine scene than Northern Canada. Some fishermen have claimed to have caught trout as large as sixty pounds in this superb fishery. Not only is Lake Athabasca famous for its giant trout, its waters are brimming with huge Northern Pike. Pike is never an easy fish to catch, and these monsters will test your skill and equipment to the very limit. The best chance of snaring one is in early spring, the ice has just thawed, and the pike can be found swimming in the shallow waters. So, pick your location and pack your gear and take a trip of a lifetime to catch the fish of your dreams. Who knows, you may return home with a picture of a huge fish in your arms rather than saying, you should have seen the one that got away!

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