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What Is Catch and Release Fishing?

You might be wondering, is there anything like catch and release in the fishing activity! Catch and release fishing is gradually becoming part of the fishing routine today, probably because the fishing exercise is now counted among popular sports. Fishing frequently helps one in becoming a better fisherman and reduces a time required to catch the desired fish.

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Catch and release fishing is the fun part of the fishing activity. If you are out for a fishing trip on a charter boat to fish for the day and you have reached your desired number of fishes within a couple of hours, you could decide to spend a few more hours doing catch and release fishing.

It’s important to note, the objective of the catch and release process is for the fish to stay alive through the journey, then afterward you can decide what happens next. This is said to be a kinder form of fishing. At this point let’s take a ride through how the catch and release fishing can be done, without having to lose any fish because of the injury.

Here are the required tips:

  • Once you catch the fish, it is vital to minimize the amount of time it spends outside the water.
  • To avoid damaging gills of the fish and other injuries that can lead to killing the fish, using a net or a gaff is not appropriate.
  • Ensure to use a moist hand while handling the fish and always endeavor to minimize your number of contacts with the fish.
  • Ensure to safely return the fish to the water. Don’t just toss fish into the water. Let it go into the water head first and help it to make the plunge itself to avoid shock.
  • Barbs pinched shut single hooks are the best for catch and release fishing. They are easy to remove from the fish without causing any harm on them. Artificial lures and spoons are not needed, because they are designed specifically to hook fish as deeply as possible.

How the Process Works

The catch and release process commence once you have caught your desired number of fishes. This will help reduce the amount of time the fish spends out of the water and save you the stress of deciding on which fish stays and which fish goes back. In doing so you will be raising the chances of the fish to survive the entire process, making the whole activity more fun and easy.

The wonderful thing about fishing is that you don’t have to be an expert before you fish. Just try to go fishing with a local boat, the captains will gladly show you the ropes and take you where they know the fish are, teaching you every technique to help you catch different types of fish. In no time you will become a pro in the fishing sport and enjoy the fun of the catch and release fishing.

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