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When and Where to Go Fishing

Did you know that there is an ideal time to go fishing? That’s right there are actually days and times that are better to go fishing than other times of the month or year. The best times to head out and go fishing are of course the times when the fish are most active. This all depends on the sun, moon, tides and weather. Fish feed more often at sunrise and sunset, this is why you most often see fishermen setting out in the early morning. They are also very active during a full moon, when the tides are high. Fishing is typically best during a new moon and full moon; these dates are fairly easy to determine and if you can work your schedule around them then you will most definitely have a successful fishing trip. To determine when these times are check a moon phase calendar. Have your tackle box packed and ready to go so that when these times come about you are ready to go, and be prepared for long days with early starts. If you have the patience and determination you will surely get a good catch. There are also locations that are better for fishing than others. We’ll talk about those next. Some of these you may already know, some you may never heard of, but they are by far the best places to go fishing all around the world.

If you are looking for giant black marlin then it is worth the effort it may take to make your way to Lizard Island, Australia. You will no doubt have success with a fishing trip here, not to mention the views and scenery are well worth a visit as well. The Lake Alan Henry, Texas was long a secret known only by locals and for good reason. They did not want others to know about their fertile lake. This is a prime location for catching bass. Check their website for up to date fishing reports. When they have to cap your maximum catch at 50 per day, you know that a place is great for fishing. The Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge in Kansas is just that. It is more popularly known as a place to hunt waterfowl, but it is also a great place to catch crappie.

The Alphonse Island, Seychelles, another location you may not normally think to head to, however it is well worth the trip. It is a great spot for salt water fishing! And much like the Lizard Island the views, clear waters and sandy beaches don’t hurt either. Perfect if not everyone in the group wants to fish, there will plenty for them to do on the island.

Lastly there is the Roosevelt Lake in Arizona. It is in the Tonto National Forest and is the prime location for bass fishing thanks to its warm waters and brush coverage there is plenty that allows the fish to thrive in this spot.

Hopefully these quick tips will help you to have a great catch next time you are out!

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